Special Events

Congratulations to our ‘Circassian Circle’ dancers on being selected to perform in Celebration in Dance (2017), staged at the Esplanade Theatre on 09 July 2017. The performance was jointly organised by the Singapore Dance Theatre (SDT) and the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). Our balletic interpretation of the Scottish Highland Fling was well-received, and our dancers were happy to have shared the prestigious stage with the SDT.

We are pleased to have celebrated our ballet school’s 28th Anniversary on Saturday 01 April 2017. Parents of our students were invited to participate in their children’s lessons that day, and we are delighted to showcase the sporting mummies & daddies who had joined in for a fun, interactive & bonding movement experience with their kids.

Thanks to support from our students, parent participants, alumni, donors & volunteers, we collected S$2980 in direct donations for the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund during the Palais28 period of celebration. We hope our contribution shall be able to help to uplift the lives of some of the children who are helped by the STSPMF.

Palais Dance Studio is pleased to highlight the achievements of our students at the inaugural RAD Dance Challenge in Singapore (November 2015). Congratulations to all the dancers for representing themselves & our ballet school well. Special mention goes to Cheah Weili, who has won a Scholarship to attend the RAD Summer School 2016.

Jamie Hwang Level 4 Finalist

Sheryl Chew Level 1 Finalist

Cheah Weili Level 5 Finalist Winner of Scholarship

Charis Cheong Level 5 Finalist

Aw Shiying Level 4 Competitor

“Moi Avec Mon Amie” Photo Challenge Finalist

“Pas de Five” Esprit de Corps